About Us

Crafting Your Dreams with Wood


Ever since I was a kid, I loved to create wooden projects with my father in his workshop. I learned how to work with wood, how to shape it, how to finish it, and how to make it beautiful. Over the years, I honed my skills and developed a passion for custom furniture making. Now, I want to share that passion with you.

Locally Sourced Eco-Friendly Materials

At ‘Needle n leaf’, we use only locally sourced materials. We work with trees that have been cut down in the Ottawa area, and we mill them ourselves or with the help of our trusted local partners. This way, we ensure that every piece of furniture we make is not only high-quality and durable, but also unique and eco-friendly. We care about where our wood comes from, and we want you to feel good about it too.

Custom Design and Build Services

Whether you need a dining table, a coffee table, a bookcase, or anything else, we can make it for you. We will work with you to design and build your dream furniture, according to your specifications and preferences. We will also deliver and install it for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything.